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Warrior Not Worrier

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Late October 2017, my younger sister was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 28 year young. Hearing those words was hard for my entire family to take in, but Adriane handled it with grace. She was glad to finally have an answer after years of suffering. She now lives in the reality of giving herself a shot every 48 hours in hopes preventing anymore lesion growth. 

ALL PROCEEDS from the sales of our WARRIOR NOT WORRIER unisex fit t-shirt will go directly to MS research. 

Here are some words my sister shared about living  with MS:

“It can be hard to want to open up and share my life with MS. In honor of #msawarenessmonth I feel a strong urge to share some of my story. 

Getting diagnosed with a life altering disease changes everything. It changes what you do, how you feel, and what you think. It changes what things you find important, what makes you happy, what makes you scared, and what makes you anxious. I want to make the most of every day. 

When you look at me you probably notice a lot of things. One thing you won’t see is any indication that I suffer from a serious neurological autoimmune disease. That’s the beauty and frustration of living with MS. 

Living with MS means that most days I am faking it. Faking my way through the day to avoid having to explain to others a feeling they will never understand. Its much easier when someone asks how I am to smile and politely reply with a “good thanks”. It’s a daily battle that can be overwhelming at times. I don’t often bring up my MS or symptoms because I don’t want to be a complainer. But am very open to talk about it, so ask me about it any time.”