Storm Peak Limited Edition by Greeley Hat Works
Storm Peak Limited Edition by Greeley Hat Works

Storm Peak Limited Edition by Greeley Hat Works

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For a few years now, I have brewed the idea of designing a limited edition line of Greeley Hat Works exclusive to Woolies Quality Clothier. This past summer, Trent Johnson, owner and CVO of Greeley Hat Works, and I finally made it happen. This line reflects my love of all things classic Western paired with love of current fashion trends. I have always loved wearing cowboy hats, and I am very proud of the first line I have designed.

Each style created is named after a natural landmark in the Steamboat Springs, Colorado, area to pay homage to our hometown. This Granite beauty and all those moody vibes earned her the name Storm Peak - the highest point at Steamboat Ski Resort

When we're talking classic Western meets on trend, you can't miss out on a simple granite felt lid with a neat little black band and bow and small pencil roll. I love this style as she pairs with everything and fits all occasions. 

If you're looking for a top of the line felt hat, look no further than Greeley Hat Works. Each hat is handmade with the utmost craftsmanship in Greeley, Colorado. 

Product Details:

  • 3.75 inch brim
  • 5.75 inch crown
  • 16 line black ribbon w/black velvet bow
  • Handmade
  • Handshaped 
  • Pencil roll
  • Crown shape can easily be changed to fit your personal style
  • True granite color - lighting makes it look lighter than it is
  • Limited edition design exclusive to Woolies Quality Clothier