In a world full of trends, be a classic / by Alisha Kurtz

Featuring our 2018 NFR Colleciton

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My emotions go from excited to anxious to giddy to overwhelmed in a matter of a few seconds when thinking about the Super Bowl of rodeo – The National Finals Rodeo. Ready or not, it’s almost that time of year, and putting together a vendor booth is no small feat. While most people attending are currently scrolling Instagram and googling fringe to create their best looks, I’m over here counting inventory, printing barcodes, and having photoshoots. My outfits will come at the very last minute – probably the minute before I slip them on. Regardless of how many years of life I lose each 4th quarter or Thanksgiving dinners that are missed preparing for NFR, I wish I could do it more often.

 So…who is making the annual trek to Vegas this year? Obviously, Woolies will be there! As always, you can find us in aisle 900 at the CINCH Western Gift Show at the one and only South Point Hotel & Casino {featuring the one and only Long X Trading Co}. I made the tough decision to pare back down to only one booth this year so you will not find us at the Roper Cowboy Marketplace. Juggling two booths {and a toddler} was just a touch more than I wanted to take on this year. I’m ready to make NFR enjoyable again.

 This year, just like last, the Woolies Quality Clothier booth will be chock full of Western fashion that you can actually wear daily after leaving the bright lights. We don’t only talk the talk…we walk the walk. Our days are spent chasing baby and ranching. We need practical clothing that makes us look as glam as the rest but clothing durable to hold up to our every day. That is exactly what this year’s NFR collection is all about.

Who is done hearing me ramble? Who wants some NFR-worthy outfit inspiration – all of which can be found at Woolies Quality Clothier? Keep reading for outfits ready for you that transition pretty seamlessly from day to night.

Be the Couple Everyone is Talking {Good} About


Sometimes when packing our suitcase, we wish we were men. Their wardrobe is so simple – starched jeans, a starched button up, the “going out” boots, topped off with a good lid. Guess what, we can make our options {almost} that simple too.

Everything about these his and hers looks has us swooning. It’s a well known fact that our Buckaroo men’s sweater is an absolute best seller and major NEED for every cowboy’s life. Why not make your other half’s suitcase a little heavier with a wool sweater? It will just make you look better when he picks yours up.

Speaking of sweaters, this combination of the Mosey sweater and a good pair of Kimes Ranch jeans is the perfect base for either day or night. Keep it casual {and comfy} during the day for all that shopping by simply pairing it with a statement necklace. Seamlessly transition to an edgier {but still comfy} night look {without cutting your shopping time short} by adding a wild rag, the Box Elder fashion hat, and an oversized denim jacket. {This one is by Livewire, but you could also pack your husband’s to make his suitcase heavier once again}.

Rock the Vintage Western Vibe


Our pick of our favorite NFR outfit is tough, but I think this one takes the prize. Vintage Western is all.the.rage this year, and the Bryce vintage western pearl snap has us feeling all those Dale Evans vibes. {Side note: from 16 years old to about 22 years old when I sold my Jeep, I had a Dale Evans car freshener hanging from my rearview. I think she’s pretty rad.} This versatile little top not only features gorgeous embroidery {always a win}, but she can be styled so many different ways you may end up wearing her more than once. If you’re really wanting that NFR-worthy look though, throw on a pair of jazzed up jeans. Our favorite is the Fancy Fran by Livewire. And we can’t forget the perfect lid. If there is one reason to go to the NFR, it’s to wear all your hats all day long. And, the Denver by Greeley Hatworks is quite the versatile one.

I think this is a look even Ms. Evans herself would be proud of.

If you’re a little simpler…or want to keep it a little simpler for a day time look, the Lola SoHo trouser jean by Kimes Ranch was pretty much made to pair with this little number.

Let the Details do the Talking


If you’re really doing Vegas right {fortunately or unfortunately I rarely do}, you’re not going to be up for doing much talking on morning #2 or #3, so don’t. Let the details do your talking. The Silver Creek is one piece that packs so much punch with her belled sleeves, tied neck, and vintage fabric covered buttons {my personal fav}. The best thing about her details though is there is not too much to keep you from wearing your best turquoise too. Because let’s be honest, the second most important reason to be NFR-bound is to wear allllll the turquoise…maybe even all at once.

For a day look, simply add a rad blazer {like this Livewire stunner} and a pair of Lola trouser jeans by Kimes Ranch. Keep the Silver Creek top going well into the evening by ditching the jacket, throwing on a pair of faux leather pants {Kimes Ranch has a pretty rad pair}, and untieing that neck tie if you so please.

Boom. Once again, your shopping time has not been cut short.

{Funny story: The last time I went to NFR just for fun, I ditched my friends around midnight Friday night to go wash my hair. All I could think of was getting as much shopping in on Saturday. There was no time for details like a morning shower.}

Stay Classic & Casual


A good day looks is just as important as any of your night looks! The best way to stand out is to do what everyone else isn’t doing {does this sound like a junior high lecture from your mom}. But really, it’s true! Our 2018 NFR campaign slogan is “In a world full of trends, be a classic.” And that means at NFR sometimes the simpler the better and more eye catching. Plus, a piece like the Alta sweater will easily transition back into your every day life. I don’t know about you, but I am so over having a different wardrobe for every hat I wear.

Living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the Alta sweater is everything I think of when I think quintessential ski town vibes. {She also just so happens to be named after one of my very favorite ski resorts.} I snagged this beauty for myself, and she has received compliments every time I’ve worn her. One of my favorite things about the Alta is how she is bold yet understated so that classic casual vibe sticks around even when adding accessories. Some of my favorite ways to accessorize are using a turquoise ring {this one is by ROAM Silver} as a scarf slide, throwing on a hat, and always showing off that hard earned trophy buckle.

Be A Little Country, Be A Little Rock n’ Roll


Who says your can’t mix genres, textures, and patterns? I know, I know…I was just preaching about keeping it simple, but I think this edgy meets country look still speaks for itself. If there are two things everyone should have in their closet, it’s a buffalo plaid piece and a fabulous pair of trouser jeans like the Lola by Kimes Ranch.

The classic pattern is appropriate from the office, to the tailgate party, to the rodeo arena, to the branding pen. And when a top fits the way the Big Fork does, you can’t say no. And the Lola…oh the Lola. She fits like a glove and brings that jean look from casual to just dressy enough.

Even though I love staying true to Western roots, I do love me some 80s rock too. So, I paired my two loves together for a look that’s a little country and a little rock n’ roll. The La Jolla velvet bomber puts the perfect amount of edge on such a classic pattern. And the third reason to make a trip to the NFR is to wear your wild rags for more than just warmth. My favorite wild rags come from Gitalonglittledoggy – she curates the most eye catching prints that you don’t see elsewhere. Once again, Woolies will feature a large selection of these rad rags.

Don’t Forget the Outerwear


Some years it’s too warm to even think about a coat in Vegas, but often times when that desert sun goes down it can get flat chilly. If you’ve taken all the time to plan the perfect outfit, you don’t want it covered up with that everyday black puffer you wear while running errands. Why not use your outerwear to make a statement?

The Myra jacket {she’s really more like a coat but jacket is sexier} is one of best sellers for a reason – she packs a punch while being as functional as you need. This beauty will actually do the job at keeping you warm. No more of that pretending and telling people your just fine while trying to rush your way into the Thomas & Mack. When you’re done in Vegas, she’s ranch or city worthy, whatever you fancy.

Do Your Thing


Another one of our best selling pieces every year are our classic {made in the USA} wool ponchos. I’ll be the first to admit, I typically go pretty simple with the poncho – basic black long sleeve, skinnies, and some pretty boots to let the bold pattern on the poncho stand out. However, this year…I’m going against my own advice and wearing all the things with the poncho. This look is so classic. so bold. so simple. so eye catching. so western. so all the good things in life. Now that I think about it, I may have my first outfit planned.

While I know you’re probably not going to be showing up at the NFR with your ranch pony escorted by Fred Myers from the TV series Yellowstone, you can accessorize with everything else. If you haven’t noticed yet the Box Elder hat by Greeley Hatworks always works. And remember that Mosey sweater from the first look? Yep, she works wonderfully with the poncho too! Top it off with your most expensive accessory – your trophy buckle {we all know what entry fees are} and your best jewels – and you will be a show stopper!

{The ponchos aren’t available yet, but they will be on the website VERY soon! We have a variety of colors and patterns headed our way.}

Tie Up Loose Ends

While I have featured what I think are some pretty stellar NFR looks, there are a whole lot more to browse through on the website {and in our NFR booth}. And remember, these aren’t looks just for the NFR because who has time {or money} to invest in a wardrobe for one event? Each and every piece Woolies offers has been carefully selected personally by me to fit the Western way of life…and for those who simply love the Western way of life. I hope you love Woolies NFR 2018 collection as much as I do. If you’re going to be in Vegas, please swing by the Woolies booth to say hi and share a cold beverage. I love catching up old friends and making new.



All photos are by Caree Prince of Cherokee Park Ranch.