It's almost baby time / by Alisha Kurtz

It's almost baby time around here. Five weeks & counting! 

Both my husband and I are getting more excited and anxious by the day to meet our little one, but there is definitely a good amount of nerves starting to set in. I mean, who decided we are mature enough to be parents? Good thing we have a two good sets of grandparents who did a pretty successful job at raising little ones (if we do say so ourselves) to help us out.

But really, since Baby K isn't here yet to show off, the next best thing is the nursery! A couple of weeks ago my mom surprised me with a visit to help decorate the nursery while my husband was out of town. I couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out, and pretty much all the props go straight to Momma Sue Sue. 

As you may or may not know, we are having a surprise baby...which means we don't know the gender. Gasp! We took a gender neutral approach which included turquoise, turquoise, a little more turquoise, and a few splashes of yellow, green, and gray here and there.

And, without further adieu...

Love any of the things you see decorating my new favorite room in our home? I'll let you in on my little (not so secret) secrets.

Crib/Changing Table Combo - Room in our little (but perfect) cabin is a bit tight so when I saw these combo pieces, I knew it was the perfect fit. I snagged this perfect gray piece on sale at Babies R Us for quite the steal...especially after pricing used cribs. Find the exact crib here

Bedding Set - Like I said, all props go to Momma Sue Sue. My mom gifted us the adorable bedding set at our first baby shower. Initially she was planning to whip us up something custom, but a knee replacement surgery changed her plans. You can find the exact bedding set at Babies R Us. And they have a lot of great options to compliment as well. 

Wall hangings/Feather Hooks - All the wall hangings are compliments of Hobby Lobby. However, the black and white color scheme of each just didn't fit with our decor or the cabin walls so we picked up some acrylic paints to match the bedding set and painted the frames for a fun pop of color.

Hanging Blankets - Sorry about your luck, but you're going to have to find some pretty special ladies to make you beauties like these. These blankets will each be cherished forever and need to be on display as they were made by mom, aunt, and husband's aunt for our little one. 

Diaper Bag - What kind of boutique owner would I be if I just stuck to your run-of-the-mill diaper bag? My mom had this custom Holy Cow Couture diaper bag made for me. While you can't use the brand, the talented Brittany over at HCC can make you something similar. 

Arrow Curtain Rods - My mom does everything right! She showed up at my casa with these awesome curtain rods that match the rest of the decor perfectly. Only problem, they were black, but nothing a can of spray paint couldn't change. Snag these at Target.

Reading Nook - I love this area, and we plan to spend A LOT time in this little corner reading to and snuggling our little one. My sister surprised everyone at my baby shower when I opened the adorable toy holder wall hanging that she knit herself. My sister knit something with her own hands! A great friend spends rainy Saturday's antiquing and found us this old step stool that works perfectly as a shelf. The cowboy boots may be my favorite part of the room - those cute little boots were the very boots my husband wore as a wee one!  

Glider - This comfortable piece raised my niece and nephew, and I have possibly fallen asleep in it a time or too. A few coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint (no sanding required) and some new cushions, she looks brand new. We mixed Florence and White to get the perfect shade of turquoise.

Console chest - Once again because space is tight, I opted to use a console rather than a dresser to store Baby K's goodies. I found this piece on sale at Target for just over $100 and couldn't resist. I was a touch nervous the gray would clash with the gray of the crib, but as luck would have it the colors are exact! The colorful bins are also available at good ol' Target. 

Saddle - One of my husband's clients gifted Baby K his/her first saddle. This thing is legit, and the cutest little thing I have ever seen. Every horse trainer's kid needs a baby saddle, right? Oh, and it may fit our Border Collie pretty well. :)

And now, the countdown is on! We're EXACTLY ONE MONTH until our due date. How did that happen?!

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